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Drizzle Melts are a wonderful collection of tempting products from Swan Creek Candle Company. They are so easy to use with six separate break-apart cubes - just place them in a melter and enjoy! A great triple-scented product

Each cube should last approximately 18-24 hour (108 - 144 hours in total). Some of our clients have claimed they burn each block for 6-8 hours and burn each block five times (up to 240 hours per packet)

Candles - Burn time 75 hours.

What is Soybean Wax? Soy wax is completely natural. It is made in Swanton, Ohio, from American farmers' soybean crops. Soybean wax is 100% environmentally friendly, sustainable and renewable without any chemicals or harmful additives. Soy wax is clean burning, lead-free, and has a much higher throw than any other candle.
For best results, please follow these burning suggestions: burn for 4 to 6 hours to create a large wax pool, extinguish, cool, and relight.


Apples & Spice (Red) – A perfect blend of cinnamon and apple, a more mild version of Our Apple Cider! 

Blackberry Rose Jam (Violet)
 – A perfect blend of vibrant spring fragrances! Refresh your senses with the beautiful aroma of rose petals and tart blackberries for a beautiful spring fragrance! 

Bourbon Maple Sugar (Brown)
 – a mild bourbon note blends with a rich brown sugar and maple aroma! 

Buttercream Vanilla (Ivory)
 – A more custard vanilla, rich, creamy notes are sure to please! 

Cafe Au Lait (Mocha)
 – A delicious coffee and cream fragrance are sure to have people asking for a cup! 

Cherry Almond Buttercream (Red)
 - Dark, sweet cherries, roasted Italian almonds and whipped fresh buttercream are layered with hints of black plum and mandarin - warm and juicy yet smooth! 

Cinnamon Hazelnut Latte (Tan)
 – Cinnamon, cream, light hazelnut and a mild coffee make this a barista favourite!
Citrus & Sage (Moss Green) – An upfront Sage note followed by a blend of citrus that is certain to be enjoyed!
Cranberry Apple Crisp (Ruby) – Rich cranberry, fresh apple cider, and mild cinnamon make this a customer favourite! 

Crisp Cotton (White)
 –A lovely blend of all things spring! Fresh floral notes combined with a mildly earthy tone for a beautiful spring fragrance!

Dutch Apple Pie (Ivory)
 – A robust throw of caramelized granny smith apples, brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg. As delicious as it sounds- please don't eat this one! (

Farmer's Market (Moss)
 - A cornucopia for the senses - earthy wood notes, green leaves, summer citrus and bamboo all combine together to replicate a fresh, local market with hints of wild grass as an undertone. Fresh, light and layered! 

Gingerbread (Dark Brown)
 – Our flagship fragrance, year-round best seller, pure gingerbread, surely to remind you of morning baking!

Hazelnut (Tan)
 – The throw of pure hazelnuts will have you wanting to add this to your coffee- but please- don't.

Honey Soaked Apples (Gold)
 – Pure, Crisp and Refreshing. A mild honey note with a pure, crisp apple body for a high throw. 

Lavender Spruce (Ivory),
 Blue Spruce and French Lavender mingle together with undertones of delicate Rosemary and English Mint for a layered, herbaceous experience. 

Lavender & Lemongrass (Lavender)
 – A lovely spring fragrance with a potpourri twist of lavender and citrus notes.
Luscious Lemon Vanilla (Pale Yellow) – Rich and creamy vanilla with pure fresh lemon will have your friends wondering where the cookies are! 

Mountain Berry Parfait (Indigo)
 - Wild blueberries, red raspberries, peach and strawberry fuse together with fresh coconut, condensed milk, orange zest and sweet cream for a bright buttery berry confection! 

Pumpkin Vanilla (Rust)
 – Our year-round pumpkin fragrance! Earthy, refreshing and perfect for any season! 

Roasted Espresso (Brown)
 – Our all-time best-selling fragrance! Pure espresso, a heavy, rich coffee throw! 

Rum Raisin Glaze (Ivory) - 
A full-body cinnamon fragrance with rum-soaked raisin undertones combine with sweet caramel, and rich brown sugar will have you asking where the nearest bakery is! 

Salted Caramel Popcorn (Tan)
 A delicious blend of salty and sweet! Sea Salt combined with rich caramel topping; for everyone's favourite scent!

Snickerdoodle (Dark Cream)
 – Your friends will wonder where the cookies are! Cinnamon, butter and sugar make this irresistible!

Southern Sweet Tea (Ivory)
 – Rich black tea leaves, sugar cane, and light lemon notes make this a delicious treat!

Spiced Orange & Cinnamon (Med. Orange)
 – Cinnamon, Crushed oranges and some notes of nutmeg and allspice, this is a perfect citrus fragrance!
Summer Rain (Light Blue) – Crisp morning dew, with a light earthy tone, this is a perfect summer fragrance! 

Vanilla Pound Cake (Ivory)
 – One of our year-round best sellers, a pure pound cake, with rich vanilla and a soft baked tone will have you running to the oven!

Warm Cinnamon Buns (Brown)
 – You don't need the fair for sticky buns! A high throw of cinnamon with a mild buttery cake throw will have you waiting for more!
White Peach & Clove (White) - Rich and high throws of peach and a mild clove note are definitely one of our new favourites.

American Soybean Wax